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Cornelius, Davidson women march on Uptown


Jan. 21. Women from all over the region, including Cornelius and Davidson, have descended on Uptown for a Women’s March on Charlotte, one of many anti-Trump inaugural marches under way around the country and in our nation’s capital.

Brenda Heerdt of Bailey’s Glen marched today. “I am 72 years young)and put this day in one of my top experiences. The positive power I felt as we marched in unity was uplifting,” she said

Dr. Brigid Morris of Davidson is marching in Charlotte with husband David. “The group of women that I’m standing with is a group called NEW—Nasty Educated Women. The crowd was amazing. Very diverse, enthusiastic and all coming together for Women’s Right/Equal Rights,” the medical doctor said. “Our hope is that this movement continues–first in North Carolina, which we desperately need, and spread throughout the USA.”

Hundreds of thousands of women are marching and rallying peacefully in Washington. Former Secretary of State John Kerry was spotted walking amongst crowds of protesters.

Natasha Marcus, who ran as a Democrat for the NC House seat formerly held by Thom Tillis, estimates upwards of 20,000 people are marching on Charlotte today. The 1.2 mile route starts near ImaginOn on E. 7th in Charlotte, the Davidson resident said.

The marches come the day after Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration to express deep-seated concerns with the policies of the 45th president.

Michelle McConnell of Cornelius is also marching. She says there are groups representing the Inclusion Community, a progressive Methodist-affiliated church in Cornelius, as well as teachers from Bradley Middle School and JV Washam Elementary.

Their hand-written signs are as simple as “Donald Trump says things that are not nice,” or “I am a warrior.” Other signs are more involved. Sentiments include “Immigrants make America great.”

There were so many people at the march today in Charlotte that some had arrived at the end point while others were still waiting to get started, Marcus said.

“It was a crowd full of passion for our rights, our democracy, inclusion, public education, abortion rights, black lives matter, and a rejection of Trump’s vision for America,” she said.

“There was no violence, just lots of energy and support for each other,” Marcus said.

The Associated Press reports that DC officials say 500,000 people came out for the Women’s March in Washington. That’s about double the amount of people who showed up to President Trump’s inauguration yesterday.



4 Responses to “Cornelius, Davidson women march on Uptown”

  1. I believe in giving our President a chance to show how our country will improve with his programs , many of which have been distorted by some in meaning ( illegal vs legal immigration ,for instance). To protest when President Trump has been in office only a few hours is insulting to all the American citizens who voted for him and just looks like a bunch of sore losers who will not accept the results of an election !

    Posted by Shirl Kerr | January 21, 2017, 5:00 pm
  2. 900,000 people showed up to Trump’s inauguration yesterday. Please make sure your figures are accurate before running an article.

    Posted by Anon | January 21, 2017, 5:31 pm
  3. It is not an insult but a right to protest! They are peacefully protesting. THIS is what makes America great – people standing up and speaking out for equality.

    Trump is the Tea Party’s president. That leaves a lot of people out. So very proud of these women around the globe. And here from LKN honoring decency today!

    Posted by Elizabeth | January 21, 2017, 5:57 pm
  4. I appreciate Cornelius today providing local coverage of the women’s march in Charlotte. As others have said, and perhaps to calm some of the concerns expressed, this was not a “protest against President Trump” but, rather, a march FOR women’s rights and other issues with which we are concerned. I’m sure that each person marching has her own reasons, so I won’t claim complete identify with all marchers, but the guiding principles with which many of us agree are on the Women’s March website. Although it is true that President Trump has just taken office, he represents us now, and we have the right as citizens in a free society to tell him how we feel and what our priorities are. Why now, why not wait? These issues are too important, and the campaign statements made by the President provide cause for concern, so we want him to know that we are still focused, concerned, and we are watching – not only him, but our other elected representatives. And we will continue to speak up, as is our right, until we are heard and see results. THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE.

    Thanks again for the coverage – see my facebook profile picture for a shot of the march and me (Davidson resident) with an Annapolis friend and three other Davidson/Charlotte residents. We couldn’t get pictures of our other local friends as the crowds were so large that it was virtually impossible to move freely through the city and get to a common gathering place – but we were together in spirit! It was a wonderful day.

    Posted by Pam Pearson | January 23, 2017, 7:23 am

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