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Reactor Number Four at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

EarthTalk: Has wildlife been affected by the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown?

How has wildlife been affected around the site of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in Russia three decades ago? The Chernobyl disaster confirmed everyone’s worst nightmares about the awesome power of nuclear reactions. When the Ukrainian reactor collapsed, the radioactive fallout profoundly contaminated the surrounding environment, affecting any living beings located within the so-called “Exclusion Zone” […]


EarthTalk: Green Halloween

Any tips for how to green up my Halloween this year? Halloween may be fun, but…this most ghoulish of holidays is also cause for lots of waste, given the preponderance of one-time use costumes that end up in a box or in the trash come November 1. And sustainability proponents also decry Halloween for promoting […]


EarthTalk: Contaminants in baby food

This week the Clean Label Project (CLP), a recently formed non-profit, released results from its data analysis of potentially harmful contaminants found in baby food.  The first ‘CLP Magnified List, Baby Food’, found at, highlights the products that meet or exceed standards established by CLP’s Medical Advisory Board. Nineteen percent of the tested products met these standards and […]


EarthTalk: Environmentally conscious festivals

Dear EarthTalk: Which current artists, bands and music festivals are leading lights when it comes to reducing their environmental footprints and spreading awareness about sustainability? ANSWER: The music industry has indeed come under fire in recent years for the huge amount of plastic waste it generates at outdoor concerts and festivals each summer. The 2015 […]


EarthTalk: Our Environment – Big game hunting

Question: How is it that big game hunting can actually be good for wildlife? ANSWER: When Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer killed Cecil, a much-loved wild 13-year-old black-maned lion, with his bow and arrow in July 2015 outside a protected section of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, animal advocates were outraged. The University of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation […]


EarthTalk: Our Environment – Rooftop solar panels

Is it true that home rooftop solar only makes sense in certain parts of the U.S. with proper incentives as opposed to where the sun shines the most? Answer: The short answer is yes: In the United States, whether or not it is easy and economical to go solar depends more on state politics than […]

A Chinese protestor shows what he thinks of Apple's treatment of workers assembling iPhones. Credit: SACOM Hong Kong, FlickrCC.

EarthTalk: Our Environment – Labor Standards

Is it true that Apple gets around U.S. labor standards and laws by outsourcing production to China? Apple isn’t the only tech giant outsourcing much of its production to Chinese manufacturers nowadays, but the sheer popularity of the California-based company’s products makes it an especially easy target for activists concerned about worker health and safety. […]


EarthTalk: Our Environment – Environmental causes of Autism

Dear EarthTalk: What is the latest thinking on the environmental causes (if any) of autism? I hear so much conflicting information I don’t know what to believe.  Answer: In the 1980s, about one in 2,000 American kids was diagnosed with autism. Today the number is around one in 68, according to estimates from the U.S. […]

LED lights use 1/50th the electricity of conventional holiday lights and can last for three decades. Credit: Paul Barrows, FlickrCC.

EarthTalk: Our Environment – Holiday lights

Dear Earthtalk: The holidays can be so wasteful. What are some ways we can green our celebrations this year? ANSWER: Sipping eggnog, listening to carols by the fire and enjoying the beauty of colorfully decorated homes are all warm memories the holiday season conjures. Yet with the rising popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, […]


EarthTalk: Our Environment

Dear EarthTalk: Are green groups using the campaign finance system like other “special interests” through Political Action Committees (PACs) or otherwise? ANSWER: As a matter of fact, green Political Action Committees (PACs) emerged as major funders last fall in the run-up to the 2014 Congressional elections, and look to play an even larger role in […]